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Delta Telecom hosting tariffs is the best solution for your commercial and non-profit projects. Our tariff plans are useful for internet magazines, individual pages, internet-portal, and for other projects.

Backup & Recovery Data

Unfortunately, any necessary data may be lost forever because of the mistake of human, or equipment failure or result of malware. It does not mean that it will happen with your site or we are not sure the work of our servers. Backup data is always necessary process for quickly and full restore of the data in any case of emergency.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Server - virtual dedicated server is similar to ordinary dedicated server in its capabilities. Some virtual server can be placed in one physical server that can significantly reduce essential expenses and, consequently, the cost of services.

Co-location server

Placing your server in the Data Center or Co-location Service consist of placing customer’s server equipment in our data center and providing it with protection system against unlawful interference, continuous power source, cooling system, as well as communication channels with high bandwidth.

Electronic Mail Service:

You have probability to use email adresseses for your comapany and personally.




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