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What is Hosting?

In modern times, the easiest way to express ourselves, our interests is to share them on Internet. Besides the sharing of information about our interest, we can earn money as well as to manage daily business by help of Internet. It is impossible to imagine the world network without organizational units such as websites. By accordance of site owners the information is collected and classified in their site. Now days it is difficult to imagine any organization as well as an ordinary person that interested in the latest technology, without his own Internet project. Sites are placed in the network through the hosting service.

Hosting is to host your server on Web server or Web- platform of organization or individual person that providing hosting services.

Sooner or later, any ordinary user can think to create individual web-page and to introduce any important information to the global network. Where does the hosting have to place: on the hosting of the site or on the own PC? Any tiro user often asks this question. Of course, you can computerize your information on your PC and also can make it public. But in this case you can face lot of problems and difficulties. But we insistently do not recommend to do like that for a person that does not have enough knowledge on administration and Internet technologies. You will just spend a lot of time, and also your confidential information can be seriously affected by network attacks.

So, you have decided to choose hosting services. What kinds of services are available?

Hosting is divided into physical and virtual types. Virtual server consists of several sites on a physical server. In this case size of site, possible technologies, traffic of data is hedged by certain limitations. Physical differs from virtual according to that your project is hosted on a personal server and limitations are determined due to “iron" of server and its qualities while connecting to Internet.

Hosting can also be paid and free. Free hosting is usually offered on the resources that provide low-speed access and put extensive limitations on web-sites. Free resources are inapplicable for commercial projects, medium and large sites. Their circle is small websites, site-business cards, and personal blogs. The second option is a paid hosting. This service allows you to host very large and dynamic project on the server depending on demands and financial situation. Generally hosting services includes continual support of web-site that average user charged with daily work can’t carry out.

To summarize,

Firstly define objective of site and its commercial value.

Farther, decide to choose free or paid hosting.

Determine minimum requirements that need for development of your project and for the normal existence.

After this, select the type of web hosting and find a suitable tariff for you.

Consequently it is enough easy to host web-site on the network, but it requires certain knowledge and a more distinct approach to the characteristics of each hosting.




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