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Delta Telecom Data Center

Delta Telecom builds the greatest Data Center in Caucasus region. Currently Data Center operates only 10% of its total power. For the development of Internet as well national Internet resources in Azerbaijan, services that provided in Data Center does not take into account the majority of commercial interests. It should be noted that, today, Delta Telecom Internet services are used with great interest in Azerbaijan, as well as in Caucasus region.

Delta The main goal of Delta Telecom Data Center is to develop the national content and to host all of them in our country and to provide each data with high level security.

Data The great investments has been spent and are going to spend for establishment and management of Data Center. Infrastructure is equipped with platforms based on modern technologies.

Most advanced data security and monitoring systems has been installed in Delta Telecom Data Center for protection of data base, operation systems web- applications, as well as customers and its Center system.

In Data Center, entire structure has been configured that combines very high-speed and storage devices with great volumes by help of virtualization software. By using capabilities of infrastructure Delta Telecom Data Center offer solution with high quality to corporative clients, juridical and natural persons.

Energy Supply

UPS and generators that provided with continual electric power have been configured in Data center, that all servers and equipments are collected, for systematically work of equipments. In Center security carries out on physical and technical levels. All of this is the sign of non-stop operation of the Data Center.

Cooling Systems

As known, for the normal operation of servers in data temperature has to be stable and eligible to the standards. It is possible to keep temperature in the room up to +/- 2° by help of UNİFLAİR cooling system. Moreover these air conditioners regulate humidity percentage. The main feature of these air conditioners is that they take hot air from the top and fan the cold air under the floors. Cold air enter under the racks at the same time enters from the front into the rack and this procedure prevents overheating of equipments.



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